A few words about the Ri Xing Letterpress Rehabilitation Project

(text written by Victor)

I Introduction

Hello and welcome to our webpage, which was set up to promote the project of rehabilitation of Chinese typographic letterpress, led by the Ri Xing typefoundry in Taipei!

If you are reading this, then you are probably already interested in movable type printing, typography, and perhaps Chinese characters as well. However, your knowledge of the Chinese language may not be sufficient to read many of the documents found on this website.

The purpose of this text is therefore to briefly introduce the project and the group of people behind it (who are, as yet, collaborating on a rather informal basis), as well as the work we’ve already started to carry out. We recommend that those readers unfamiliar with this topic start off by reading our Reminders concerning the Chinese script, presented below in the form of an appendix. Others more familiar with the topic may begin with…

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